When we encourage you to give us a call, we really do mean it! You can’t make an Elkhorn Ranch reservation on any .COM site. We must correspond with you (phone or email are best) to make sure we know your needs. We have an old fashioned and extremely practical chart on our desk. There are 20 cabins and each is different ~ so each guest party is carefully assigned to a cabin. Many people rebook as they leave, to assure that they’ll have their favorite cabin and be here with friends. Then we book reservations up to a year in advance. We hold the cabin for you after we correspond; and then we confirm the reservation upon receipt of your 25% deposit confirmation and registration form. We love old fashioned checks, but also work with VISA or MC. It’s that simple!

Please join us during our 73rd Season!
Sunday November 11, 2018 to Sunday April 28, 2019