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I cannot say enough good things about how much I enjoyed the time there. It’s a magical place and you guys do an amazing job.

~ Lisa T, Albany, NY

Thank you, thank you once again for a most wonderful week at Elkhorn. It is truly a magical place a place that I now call, home away from home. I love visiting the Ranch and to see the Miller family and crew. This week was no exception, in fact it just reconfirmed it all once again, why this is such a special place for both me and S. We met new like minded friends and revisited with old friends. The boys had such a great time.

~Kerstin E, San Francisco, CA

I have recently returned from a three week vacation at Elkhorn Ranch. This is an equestrian’s dream experience. The ability to choose the type of ride, easy to loping, and the terrain of interest, desert or mountain, was honored each day in the company of expert wranglers. The horses are very well trained and provide sheer enjoyment for the rider. The delicious food was varied, plentiful, and prepped by an experienced chef. Traveling solo, I made so many new friends and look forward to returning for a repeat visit. I give Charley, Mary, and the entire Elkhorn Ranch staff 5 stars for my vacation!

Debra Footman, Maine

Dear Charley and Mary,

For me, this recent visit was the very best of times, one of the most blessed times of my year. What is it about Elkhorn? Being with dear old friends, making new friends, relishing the warm sun on my back while riding trusty LeRoy over God’s country. All that, of course, but I believe even more it is rubbing elbows with that marvelous crew of yours … Thank you with all my heart. I would ride your brand forever.

Love, George P, February 21, 2018

Dear Friends at Elkhorn Ranch,

Thank you so much for the deeply relaxing and truly rejuvenating days among you. The gentle presence of the horses, sublime beauty of the land and your excellent care of the horses, the land and us, your grateful guests, makes for a nourishing experience on multiple levels. I returned home renewed and eager to share the joys of my days at Elkhorn with friends and family.

Big love! Peri D, Santa Monica, California
March 16, 2018

Louisa and I just returned from our annual week at the Elkhorn Ranch.  The Elkhorn Ranch sits in the foothills of the Baboquivari Mountains, about 60 miles southwest of our home in Tucson.  Run by Charley and Mary Miller, the ranch is delightful, offering great accommodations, delicious food, an incredibly beautiful setting, and an array of activities that include trail riding and hiking.  We’ve been going there for more than 25 years …

The Elkhorn Ranch features a wide range of habitats that include desert, desert grasslands, riparian, and oak and pinyon pine forests.  The habitat variation has to do with changes of elevation on ranch property and also with the flow of seasonal streams that run through the place.

Those habitats are home to a variety of wildlife.  One of the charms of the place is that it attracts a huge array of songbirds.  At times, the concentration of these birds in the vicinity of the ranch’s cabins and outbuildings is stunning.  Among the birds that I saw were numerous Northern  Cardinals.  I also encountered large numbers of the Cardinal’s cousin, the Pyrrhuloxia.

– Steve K, Tucson, Arizona
Note:  Take a peek at Steve’s blog to keep the Sonoran desert on your mind year-round!

We had a fabulous week with you all.  I continue to say that I have never been any other place where I have felt so comfortable and so unobtrusively well cared for.  Planning to come back!

 – Henry H, Livingston, Montana