Reservations can be made one year in advance of your stay. We strongly recommend reservations of a week (6 or 7 nights) or longer to provide you with the opportunity to relax and become comfortable with your horse. Shorter stays of a minimum of four nights are available only when there is a space between week or longer stays.


Please contact the ranch office to check cabin availability. A cabin will be held in in your name while you return the application form and 25% deposit by check or bank transfer. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive a written confirmation letter.


Upon arrival at Elkhorn, you will be asked to sign a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. The ranch office is happy to provide this agreement for review upon request. If you are traveling with a young person (age 17 and under) for whom you are not the parent or legal guardian, the release form must be signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian in advance — please contact the office for instructions regarding signing the release from afar.


An ideal arrival time falls between 4 – 5 pm and ideal departure time is 10 am at the latest. That said, Elkhorn is flexible, so let us know your travel itinerary and we’ll arrange accordingly. When you book a return flight, keep in mind that you’ll need to leave Elkhorn Ranch a minimum of 3 hours ahead of your Tucson departing flight and 5 hours ahead of your Phoenix flight.

Contact us to make a reservation or ask questions:

    call us or send us an e-message