Elkhorn Ranch cabins provide comfortable living space for singles, couples or families. Cabins are equipped with private baths, electric heat and good reading lights. Some have separate sitting rooms or fireplaces — no televisions nor phones in the rooms. All cabins are within a few minutes walk of the dining room, ranch office and barn, yet desert landscaping provides a feeling of privacy and seclusion. You’ll find a bird feeder outside your door and as much birdseed as you care to feed. Each cabin has outdoor chairs and chaise lounges for sunning, writing, reading or socializing with friends or family. You’ll be delighted by the curious desert vegetation and birds. You’ll find a bird feeder outside your door and as much birdseed as you care to feed.

We take the safety and well-being of our crew seriously. Please take a look at our strategies to manage COVID-19 risk.

provided in cabin

• Flashlight
• Bath & bed linens
• Boot rag
• Hand lotion
• Ivory soap
• Epsom Salts (for bath)
• Bathroom glass ware
• Ice bucket or chest
• Bar glasses
• Wine & bottle opener
• Bar rag
• Bird seed


Elkhorn cabins are characterized as either single or double cabins, and among the double cabins there are a number of larger cabins that have the size and flexibility to be family cabins. In most cases, the living room of the cabin either has a day bed or the capacity for an extra bed to be added. Another option is for families with older children or teens to spread out between two side-by-side cabins. When we check availability for you, we discuss various options.

Laundry service is provided for a minimal charge by ranch crew. Items dropped off in the morning before riding are done by the end of the day, and otherwise ready by the next day. Dry cleaning may be added to the ranch town runs and requires several days of turn around time. All cabins have cloths lines for hand washing or swim suits.

Cabin linens involve weekly sheet changes and two towel changes per week, a practice encouraged by our guests during recent years to conserve water and electricity. More frequent service or additional supplies are happily accommodated upon request.

Soap and hand lotion are supplied in cabin bathrooms. Shampoo, conditioner and other toiletry items are available for sale in the ranch store. Hair dryers are available to borrow from the office lending supply. Coffee service is not provided in the cabins, but is available all day in the dining room — afternoon cookies too!

All cabins have electric wall heaters. All beds are equipped with electric blankets as well as thermal and wool throw blankets. Some cabins have fireplaces or wood stoves and the dining room fireplace is available to everyone any time.