Thank you for your interest in Elkhorn Ranch. Our All-Inclusive dude ranch American plan rates include guided horseback riding and hiking, lodging and dining. See below for rates and guidelines for how to book your stay with us.

Already made your reservation? See our guidelines for planning your stay, plus information about hosting large groups, family retreats and special events.


Reservations can be made one year in advance of your stay. We strongly recommend reservations of a week (6 or 7 nights) or longer to provide you with the opportunity to relax and become comfortable with your horse and ranch life. Guests generally arrive and depart on Sundays. Shorter stays of a minimum of four nights are available only when there is a space between week or longer stays.

Please contact us to check and confirm cabin availability. A cabin will be held in in your name while you return the application form and 25% deposit. Deposits can be made online, or by check or bank transfer. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive a written confirmation letter.



Upon arrival at Elkhorn, you will be asked to sign a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. If you are traveling with a young person (age 17 and under) for whom you are not the parent or legal guardian, the release form must be signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian in advance — please contact the office for instructions regarding signing the release from afar.


We respectfully ask that you monitor your health prior to traveling and choose not to visit if you are ill. Deposit on cancellation occurring 60 days or more prior to arrival fully refundable. Deposit on cancellation occurring less than 60 days prior to arrival may be carried over to a future reservation within the following two seasons, less $100 per person. Advance payments in excess of 25% deposit fully refundable. Slight changes of dates negotiable, with understanding that rate may change.


Elkhorn prefers payment by check. You may also use VISA or MC credit card (American Express is not accepted)


with traditional hospitality, warm friendship, the comforts of home, and horseback time in the peaceful and curious Sonoran desert. Many adjustments have been made to address risk minimization for our crew and guests during the COVID-19 pandemic — thankfully horseback riding and social distancing are a match made in heaven! Elkhorn will continue to update its Covid Care program in response to federal and local guidelines as we approach the 2022-23 season and as needed during the season.


Elkhorn Ranch specializes in multi-generational family reunions and reunions of adult friends.

Families and groups of friends appreciate the fact that they may gather at meals, yet scatter different directions to ride, hike or explore, and no one has to cook, organize or plan activities. Everyone can relax! Elkhorn begins booking reservations a year in advance, and we suggest checking school calendars as soon as possible! Note that rates are all-inclusive with discounted rates for kids through age 18 (and there’s no charge for kids age 5 and younger)!


Business and non-profit organizations occasionally hold small retreats at Elkhorn, generally during the winter quiet stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Elkhorn Ranch does not have formal conference facilities, but the guest dining room and/or some of the larger family cabins may be used for meetings.

Elkhorn hosts destination weddings occasionally, usually for families that have visited Elkhorn previously. When people enquire about wedding venues, we generally recommend Tucson based guest ranches Tanque Verde Ranch or White Stallion Ranch, both of which have facilities and programs tailored to wedding events.