A dude ranch or guest ranch vacation in sunny southern Arizona has attracted visitors during the winter months since the early 1900s. This tradition is alive and well at Elkhorn Ranch, where the Miller family has welcomed guests of all ages since the spring of 1946. The ranch is located about one hour’s drive from the Tucson, AZ airport.

While the ranch is populated with families during the holidays and school vacations, much of the mid-November through April winter season is adult oriented.

Elkhorn Ranch welcomes couples and many solo travelers who soon become friends, on the trail and in the dining room. Ranch friendships often continue over the years, nourished by repeat visits. The ranch’s single and double cabins all have unique floor plans and decor, with an outdoor seating area and bird feeders and bird baths. The ranch’s library and good reading lights in cabins are used well!

Many people ride for the first time here at Elkhorn, and experienced riders find challenge as well in the ranch’s steep and scenic country. Elkhorn tailors rides to guests’ interests and abilities daily. People ride into their 80s and even 90s! Guests who do not wish to ride at all, or very much, enjoy walking, birding, reading, and most of all the company of other ranch guests. A hiking guide is available, plus the heated swimming pool and a tennis court.

Planning a trip to Elkhorn is easy and no nonsense.

• Single travelers at Elkhorn never experience higher single occupancy rates.
• Simple American plan rate structure (covering food, lodging and riding) that is the same for all cabins.
• Gratuity is automatically added to your bill, and there’s no expectation of tipping.
• Your ranch bill will be easy and straight forward, with no hidden costs.
• Once you arrange your flights, you can have the ranch pick you up and return you to the airport (an extra charge, but should be less a rental car and extremely convenient).
• Everyone gets special attention to dietary needs, special requests for your cabin, travel advice — you name it. We’ll even store your gear between visits.
• Discounts available for two or three plus weeks stays, and for kids up to age 18 if you want to bring your grandchildren!

Contact the ranch office to learn more and arrange a visit!