Old-Time Music Comes to Elkhorn Ranch January 3 – 10, 2016

East meets west at Elkhorn when Rory MacLeod and Sandol Astrausky, from Rhode Island, and Arizona’s Bill Burke gather to make music at the Elkhorn Adventure Vacation & Old-Time Music Workshop.  Maybe you’re wondering what Old-Time music is all about?

Sit back and listen … and thanks to Rory and Sandol’s friend Luke Randall for sharing the video of their July 2014 jam!

Milwaukee Blues Rory and Sandal and friends
Rory and Sandal and Freinds Four Cent Cotton
Sandal and Rory same old song
Rory and Sandal playing more tunes
Tony Norris and Bill Burke play Ragtime Annie, Belle of Lexington and Seneca Squaredance
Ducks On The Millpond, Patti & Bill Cummings, Bill Burke

Learn more about Elkhorn’s Old-Time workshop scheduled for January 3 – 10, 2016 !  Enjoy a one week horseback riding adventure vacation and play or listen to music too!  During the afternoons enjoy one-on-one or small group lessons or playing time with Bill, Rory and Sandol and other ranch guests and gather after supper to jam.  All Old-Time fans, young or old, beginner or experienced are welcome to this relaxed workshop.  Enthusiastic listerners are also most welcome — expect to have something put in your hands to add some percussion now and then!  The dining room spoons took a beating last year.

Contact Elkhorn Ranch to make  reservation.