Immerse your family in ranch life, outdoor play, and sunshine at a secluded rural location over 50 miles away from city life. Moms and Dads ~ re-energize and let us take care of your family ~ no shopping, cooking, nor housework! Kids ~ mix outdoor play, horseback riding, and outdoor freedom with school time and benefit from some experiential education. Adventure, relaxation and fresh air for the whole family.

Elkhorn Ranch is a family oriented traditional guest ranch 50 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona. A rigorous Covid-Care program in a secluded rural location well outside the city provides an ideal atmosphere for family life during these challenging times. A day trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is an ideal addition to an experiential learning vacation!

Ideally, families work with teachers to bring assignments that may be accomplished off-line. The ranch computer room internet supports zoom, but there can be interruptions or slow service due to our rural location. A WiFi hotspot provides a good back up. Verizon has the best service. The ranch adjusts the riding schedule to accommodate school activities as best we can.

The details:

  • Week or longer stay arriving and departing on Sunday is highly recommended.
  • One adult pays the normal weekly rates ($1882/wk), plus tax and gratuity equal to $2371 per person per week.
  • Two adults receive 10% discount ($1694/wk) plus tax and gratuity, equal to $2140/wk per person or $4280 for two people.
  • No charge for students. (Payment of gratuity for students is optional, but appreciated.)

Contact us to book now and mention SCHOOLCATION2021!

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