Feb 14, 2022

’Twas the night before Thanksgiving. A raucous chorus of four to six foot tall boys fueled by noon-time s’mores and cocktail time soda pop lured me, an unwitting adult, into their clan for but a moment. They’d been on an all kid all-day ride with our horseback guide Will up in the mountains.

“Mary! We want to meet the girl that makes the chocolate chip pancakes! Bring her out here!”

With innocent enthusiasm, I crossed through the forbidden door into the kitchen and lured Margaret out to their table.

The spokesman of the group, egged on by all members of the club, bellowed, “Are you Will’s girlfriend?”

Margaret turned strawberry red and I exclaimed, “You rascals tricked me!”

Just today, with Valentines Day coming up fast, the back story surfaced that indeed Margaret cornered young Will soon thereafter to sort out whether indeed she was his girlfriend. The story goes that he sheepishly said, “Well am I?” The rest the story is their’s to tell.

Happy Valentines Day and good health and happiness to all!

With love,

The Elkhorn Ranch crew and Miller family!

Story by Mary Miller with help from all the kitchen crew