Elkhorn Ranch launches its 75th season today! The Miller family and our crew welcome you to our home in the Baboquivari Mountains southwest of Tucson. Join us to enjoy an outdoor adventure vacation and feel at home in our cozy cabins and bountiful dining room. Our sure-footed and friendly horses will take you high into Sonoran Desert sky island country or the desert grassland of the Altar Valley. Stretch yourself differently on a guided hike ~ and don’t forget the pool upon return! A dude ranch vacation is a great diversion from the challenges of 2020. Speaking of which, the Elkhorn crew takes Covid-19 risk management seriously. Learn about the Elkhorn Ranch Covid-Care program here.

Care to be spontaneous? There are a few spots still open at Thanksgiving ~ or enjoy our winter quiet time rates in December before Christmas week. Contact us to check availability!

We look forward to sharing this special anniversary season with you!

~ All the Miller Family and the Elkhorn Ranch Crew

From left to right, top to bottom: Brian, Cara, Rachel and Bryce, Alec, Mary and Charley, Chad, Anne and Tom , Diane, Clara and Alvaro, Deah, Ben, Nate, Lisa, Jon O, Kaity, John S, Alicia, Sara, Jesse, Stephany.