Today we’ve had several  phone calls from friends who heard Elkhorn’s name on TV last night during the debate!  Early this summer we had an out of the blue phone call from our Chase business banker Jake wondering if we’d be interested in talking about a marketing partnership.

They found the story of the 2009 fire, and how we adjusted our management to be compelling … you may recall that we began buying the giant bales of hay that winter when we had to feed hay much of the winter instead of turning the horses out at night, due to the loss of the Matador pastures. They filmed an actress standing in a hay field somewhere in California, then Mary joined a film team in Tucson … then they melded it all together. Today a Chase marketing team came out to Elkhorn to shoot footage around the ranch to tell the story more completely.

So we’ve had an interesting adventure this summer, leading up to unveiling of the commercial spot last night; and today a team came out to the ranch to film on site.  Take a peek at the Chase for Business story of “The Uncontrollable Bale of Hay”. There’s more on line:  Elkhorn story at

 So … yes, that really was us on TV last night …  Adventures in 21st century media.  As I’ve said so many times, never a dull moment at Elkhorn!  Thanks for the opportunity, Jake, and all your colleagues at Chase!