How does a gal from Pittsburgh wind up with the email handle smranchhorse and a horse hand job in Arizona? As a kid, Sarah Malarik rode and rode as much and as many horses as she could, attended every training clinic she could find, watched videos and read books, and dabbled in barrel racing. Sarah put it this way, “I read way too many Western Horseman magazines … and wanted to step into that world.” After graduating from college with a business major, she took a leap of faith and looked for guest ranch jobs out west. Lucky for us, she landed at the Elkhorn Ranch in Montana and then found her way south to us.

Our luck keeps going, as this is Sarah’s third season horseback guiding at Elkhorn. She appreciates the amount of time Elkhorn encourages for horse work. She enjoys, “Teaching horses the basics and how to get through this rough terrain.” Sarah’s also gifted with helping people enjoy riding and learn.

Sarah’s favorite part of the day is watching the sunrise during the morning wrangle. She admires the beauty of her surroundings and “has a natural inclination to want to capture” what she sees. Photography has become a serious hobby, both with a fancy camera and opportunistic moments with her phone camera. She generously shares her photos with us to share with you!

Pay attention to your horse, they tell you a lot! Your energy affects the response from your horse. Most of all, relax and enjoy the ride!

~ Riding advice from Sarah Malarik