Craig and Grace epitomize the professional seasonal worker. For 6 years now, they’ve traveled north and south, and a little east and west, between seasonal jobs. With the help of their mighty Winnebago Micro Mini, they are at home wherever they work whether amidst California redwoods, coastal Oregon ocean spray, or pine forests of the Colorado Rockies. Luckily, they return home to Elkhorn Ranch every winter!

Craig found his way to Elkhorn from New Jersey about 20 years ago, and except for visits to see family, has been hooked on life in the West ever since. He has mostly worked in the groundskeeping and maintenance roles, though he’s done about every job on the ranch except guide horseback rides ~ though he did once haul 3 year old Alicia high up Red Canyon on his shoulders to join a kids’ lunch ride! The work that he’s most proud of is launching the ranch’s guided hike program which has been going strong now for six years!

Grace was an Anthropology major who came to Elkhorn 6 years ago after a few post-college years nannying for families in France and the US. She met Craig and Carlos (Craig’s dog) here at Elkhorn. Grace and her housekeeping partners slip in and out of cabins each day so that everyone feels cozily and comfortably at home during their Elkhorn visit. She is always cheerful and works hard ~ she’s quiet until you get to know her, or until conversation turns to the topic of books! Like many Elkhorn guests, she is a voracious reader! One of Craig’s nick names is “Mammoth,” due in part to younger phases when he sported a headful of dreadlocks; and we often remind him that Grace is the best thing that’s ever happened to him!

The Millers sure appreciate the fact that these two fine people choose Elkhorn as their home base as they play a huge role in keeping the Elkhorn ship sailing smoothly!