Art for all Ages: Field Journaling in the the Sonoran Desert

April 19 -26, 2021
Instructors: Kate Aitchison and Ann Kramer

This workshop invites participants of all ages to celebrate the visual splendor and curiosity of the Sonoran Desert and ranch life ~ in a hands on way designed to remove the intimidation of trying to draw things that look “right”. A corner of the guest dining room will be turned into an open studio stocked with paper, scissors, glue, paints, pens, printing gear and the like. Workshop activities will be designed around the Elkhorn riding schedule for the most part and you’ll also have the chance to do some art out on the trail! All supplies will be provided and/or you can bring some of your own favorites. While there will be a flow to the week that encourages participation throughout the week, the open studio nature of the week will welcome everyone to participate as they wish.

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