January 30 – February 6, 2022
Guided by Carolyn McCarthy

Savor the delights of ranch life in this warm and welcoming workshop. Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to what’s happening right now. We’ll use simple practices to hone our powers of observation and bring our writing to life. Whether you’re writing poetry or postcards, a novel or a newsletter — all are welcome! Enjoy horseback riding, hiking, wildlife and sunsets, making notes as much or as little as you like. Late afternoon workshops in both writing and mindfulness, plus one-on-one support throughout the week.

Carolyn has worked for years cultivating presence, attentiveness, and joy as a writer, actor and singer. She has written articles for newspapers and magazines, plays and musicals for the stage, and her poetry has been published in multiple collections. Currently an instructor at Mindfulness Northwest, she’s excited to combine multiple passions in this workshop: writing, mindfulness, and Elkhorn Ranch! Learn more at

A way of paying attention that can bring greater resilience, ease and joy.

Carolyn and her family have vacationed at Elkhorn for many years.

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