Dear Mary and Charlie,

I hope this email finds you and the ranch well!

It has been some time since we connected – the last time I was at the ranch must have been 10+ years ago (where does the time go?). My name is Kate and I came to Elkhorn with my family (parents Lis and Jeff and older sister Meg) many times growing up.

Going to Elkhorn was always the type of vacation I looked forward to for months. For many seasons, I rode a chestnut gelding named “Chigger” (have I remembered that correctly?). I have fond memories of ping pong tournaments, Mickey Mouse shaped chocolate chip pancakes, and the walk from Fort Apache to the barn.

Fast forward a decade – I am now 23 years old, have graduated college (I attended the University of Colorado Boulder), and owe you a big thank you! It was during my time at Elkhorn that I first thought, maybe I could be a wrangler at a dude ranch some day. You all created such positive memories for me that it became a dream of mine to do the same for others.

This summer, I am doing just that, working as a wrangler at The Bar Lazy J guest ranch in Parshall, CO. I heard through the grapevine that you have some connections to Bar Lazy J, and I just had to laugh! The DRA world is too small.. ;D

A few months ago, I dug up some pictures from visits to Elkhorn. They brought the biggest smile to my face. I have attached some to this email in hopes that they will do the same for you! In two of the pictures, my sister Meg and I are riding back from what I imagine was a breakfast ride. In the third picture, myself, Meg, my mom, and a family friend are mounted at the barn. I also thought it would be fun to attach a more recent picture of me wrangling this summer!

Thank you again for helping create such wonderful memories for my family. I think of you all often and wish you the best for your coming season!

With love,
Kate D