Planning and packing tips to help you get ready for riding and feel more at home.


  • Reserve dates up to a year ahead

  • Send 25% deposit by check and reservation form (we also accept VISA or MC)

  • Look for & check Elkhorn confirmation letter

  • Ship gear by United Parcel Service or FEDEX at least two weeks ahead

  • Travel, diet, birthday / anniversary info to Elkhorn two weeks ahead

  • Contact information to friends — Ranch # 520-822-1040 (night & day)


  • Signed release for children for whom you are not the parent or guardian

  • Ample supply of prescription medications

  • Camera & spare memory card and battery

  • Computer or tablet or choose to leave behind (computer available for your use)

  • Binoculars

  • Chest strap for carrying large camera while riding

  • Journal or sketch book

  • Tennis racquet (balls available at ranch store)

  • Day pack for hiking – not recommended for use while riding

  • Extra flashlight (one in cabin)

  • Riding boots with smooth sole and heel, no lace nor zipper – required by Elkhorn for safety. Available for borrowing at ranch!

  • Hat with string for sun protection . Hats available for borrowing at ranch!

  • Sun glasses

  • Professionally fitted riding helmet. (Optional – Not required nor provided by Elkhorn)

  • Rain / wind layer outdoor oriented coat – especially winter months (no ponchos)

  • Outdoor oriented warm layer – especially winter months

  • Thermal base layer – especially winter months

  • Clothing layers to fit your kids — Elkhorn’s lending closet has lots of adult sizes, but kids’ sizes scanty

  • Long sleeve cotton shirts for sun protection

  • Comfortable jeans or other pant for riding

  • Light weight or warm gloves for chafing, sun or cold protection

  • Tights, panty hose, long johns and tall socks to prevent saddle soreness and chafing

  • Casual clothing for around the ranch and supper

  • Shorts

  • Swim suit

  • Comfortable walking shoes


“Skinny jeans were not the best choice,”

– words of wisdom from an Elkhorn teen

provided in cabin

• Flashlight
• Bath & bed linens
• Boot rag
• Hand lotion
• Ivory soap
• Epsom Salts (for bath)
• Bathroom glass ware
• Ice bucket or chest
• Bar glasses
• Wine & bottle opener
• Bar rag
• Bird seed

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