Welcome to the Elkhorn Ranch Online
Payment Tool. Please contact the ranch
office if you have any troubles with this
tool. Remember that you are always
welcome to pay Elkhorn Ranch via an
old fashioned check mailed to the ranch
or presented in person at the ranch
office. You may also use use your credit
card in person at the ranch office.

Thank you!

The Miller Family and Elkhorn Ranch Crew


Please note that a convenience fee is added to your amount paid: 3% of payment amount for Credit Card or $3 per payment by check.

includes convenience fee $X

* Indicates a required field

• If you are providing
payment for a reservation,
please provide the NAME of
someone in vour partv as wel
DATES. There is no set
format but keep it brief -we
use the information to match
your payment with your
reservation. Examples:

Bert Corgie (x 1)
Corgi Family (x4)
Bert Corgie and Pancho Blue
Heeler (2 single cabins)
Week of Nov 13, 2022
Nov 13 – 27, 2022

• Use the NOTE field to tell
us the purpose of the
payment. Examples:

Deposit, Bill payment, Gift card
for massage therapy
appointment, or brief note
about anything else