Elkhorn Ranch specializes in multi-generational family reunions and reunions of adult friends.

Families and groups of friends appreciate the fact that they may gather at meals, yet scatter different directions to ride, hike or explore, and no one has to cook, organize or plan activities. Everyone can relax! Elkhorn begins booking reservations a year in advance, and we suggest checking school calendars as soon as possible! Note that rates are all-inclusive with discounted rates for kids through age 18 (and there’s no charge for kids age 5 and younger)!



Business and non-profit organizations occasionally hold small retreats at Elkhorn, generally during the winter quiet stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Elkhorn Ranch does not have formal conference facilities, but the guest dining room and/or some of the larger family cabins may be used for meetings.


Elkhorn hosts destination weddings occasionally, usually for families that have visited Elkhorn previously. When people enquire about wedding venues, we generally recommend Tucson based guest ranches Tanque Verde Ranch or White Stallion Ranch, both of which have facilities and programs tailored to wedding events.

Given the intimacy of the Elkhorn experience, we are very careful when scheduling business or wedding events, as we feel that they may not mix well with the week (or longer) vacation experience most guests seek. The winter quiet stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a good time for business or destination wedding events.

We take the safety and well-being of our guests and crew seriously. Please take a look at our strategies to manage COVID-19 risk.

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