Elkhorn Ranch is a solid 1.5 hour drive from Tucson International Airport.

ER Shuttle
To/From Airport or Tucson area
$135/vehicle load

One way, any day, any time except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Elkhorn Ranch is a solid 3 hour drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (ask for the Marana shortcut directions). If you fly into Sky Harbor airport, we recommend Groome Transportation and arrange for an Elkhorn pick-up at the Twin Peaks drop-off location.

Please let us know your travel plans at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

For the 2020-21 guest season, we request that you rent a car if you are able and comfortable doing so. The ranch will limit airport transportation services to people who truly need our services, with health and age as primary considerations. We will not mix separate parties on airport runs unless both parties agree in advance. This will limit the number of airport transport runs we can take and our ability to minimize wait times.

We take the safety and well-being of our guests and crew seriously. Please take a look at our strategies to manage COVID-19 risk.


1. From Tucson, head southwest on Route 86, the Ajo Highway. From the Tucson airport, head west on Valencia Road to reach Route 86.

2. From Route 86 / Ajo Highway, head southwest until you reach Three Points or Robles Junction.

3. Turn south on Route 286 / Sasabe Highway and go about 20 miles south until you see the Elkhorn Ranch sign and mailboxes on the right or west side of the road, between milepost 26 and 25.

4. Follow the dirt road 7 miles towards the mountains, until you reach the very end. At about the 5.5 mile mark, you will see a red metal gate within wooden corrals — you’ll need to open the gate, and then close it behind you. You’re almost there!

5. Upon arrival at the ranch buildings, follow signs to the ranch office. Be alert as you may see a golden eagle, a herd of javelina or white tail deer, jackrabbits, Elkhorn horses out at pasture or our neighbors’ cattle!

our old fashioned mailing address

The Miller Family & Ranch Crew
27000 W. Elkhorn Ranch Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85736


For the most accurate driving directions please use Google Maps. Other services may not place the location correctly.

Please do not completely trust vehicle navigation systems once you leave Tucson. Despite our ongoing efforts to correct on-line mapping systems, they are not all correct. Several guests have been led astray into the desert. Please follow our written directions above, especially once you head south onto Route 286 / Sasabe Highway.

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